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Our Features


We have a wide selection of high-quality movies to accompany every moment, whether it’s a romantic comedy to watch with your significant other, an action-packed adventure to watch with your friends, or a classic drama to watch with your family. From the latest blockbusters to timeless classics, we have something for everyone.


The best music for every moment for all individual tastes. Classical music for a calming and soothing evening, upbeat pop music to stay energized and motivated, and much more. We offer the best music for any moment. Enjoy the music that brings the most joy and pleasure to your life.


We have a wide selection of online games ranging from classic arcades and puzzle games to the latest sports and action games. High-quality games to keep you entertained.


The new trend is to listen to books! That’s why we have selected a wide library of audiobooks for our customers, all time bestsellers both fiction and non-fiction, including educational and self-development titles

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We are experts in digital entertainment content, our mission is to provide our customers with the best platform for the entertainment of the entire family and allow them to access the best movies, music, audiobooks and movies at an affordable price

Do you offer family content?

Yes, we also offer content suitable for families and kids

How does it work?

It's very simple! You create your account with your valid email address, you set up a secure password and then you finalize it with your credit card details. At this point you will be starting your free trial period of 5 days, after which your membership will be automatically renewed to a monthly subscription unless you cancel

How much does it cost?

The monthly subscription fee is $39.95

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your membership directly from the membership area of the platform or by calling our customer care